Inflatable Surf Vest
Inflatable Surf Vest

Inflatable Surf Vest

Comfortable Water Sports Protection

The Inflatable Quatic Surf Vest is designed for mobility, comfort and safety. In an emergency, use either rip cord for instant flotation. In rough wave conditions, control buoyancy using the deflation cord and second CO2 rip cord.



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Pull Cord
Oral Inflation
Rip Cord
CO2 Inflation
Velcro Straps

This low-profile, two-stage life vest has been designed with athlete input for maximum mobility, performance and protection to encourage more frequent use by surfers, paddle boarders, kayakers and other water sports or ocean enthusiasts. And because rough water and extreme waves may lead to emergency situations where less buoyancy can be an advantage – it also lets you regulate your flotation. Once deployed, releasing some pressure can assist in avoiding impact, curbing speed or simply regaining control. Afterwards, reinflation is as simple as pulling the second rip cord when the danger has minimized (or fatigue sets in). Wearable. Smart. Comfortable.